Lifesize/Zoom Conferencing

Be cautious of trip hazard due to wires while using this system

  • Make sure the Lifesize unit is plugged in.
  • Make sure the ethernet cable is plugged in.
  • Set the video cart to the best position for conferencing.
  • Set the second camera tripod for best position for viewing samples/equipment etc.. This is a very expensive camera, so make sure you do not trip or let the tripod fall.
  • You need to bring your own bluetooth earpiece.
    • Enable pairing mode on your bluetooth earpiece
    • Push the button on the bluetooth transmitter (a small black box next to the speaker). This should complete the pairing.
    • The speaker is turned off by default to avoid feedback.
  • Hit the Home key on the remote controller.
  • Use the arrow keys to highlight the Video Call icon, and press OK
  • Press the Green button to backspace. Replace the numbers after ## with your zoom meeting number. Do not delete the IP number before the ##. It should look like this:
  • Hit Call on the remote control (top left key).
  • By default, it should present two side-by-side screens.
  • Pick up the lapel mic from the cradle. Make sure it is flashing green. If it is red, press the button on the mic to toggle.
  • To use the second camera, hit Input key on the remote, and select the second video.
  • The Screens key (left of the Input key) will cycle through different layouts.
  • Yellow key will show the menu keys.
  • Press the Hangup key (top left key) to end the call.
  • Replace the microphone on the charger.
    Replace the remote controller to the cart.
  • Leave the cart powered on.